Let your fans help you sell out your next gig!

Your fans can help you sell out your next gig with your mobile fan club
Wouldn't you love to know a little more about your fans, like, where they are? if you knew you had many fans in a certain town, you have better chances of selling out shows and growing your band that way.

Fans can now request a gig with your mobile fan clubNow your fans can have their say where they are, who they are, and at the same time feel they're involved: they can request a gig!
This is a new page on your mobile website that allows fans to put in their zipcode, gender and year of birth. The last two aren't mandatory, but to request a gig they have to enter their zipcode.

All of these parameters will be shown to you in aggregate (not to violate your fans' privacy), so you can learn much more about your fans. You can find your report (like the one shown above) in the artist portal under "web pages".

Now you know where your fans are, and your chances of selling out gigs are optimal. Why wait? promote it to your fans now!

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