Adva Mobile Bands can now get their own Android App

Android phones now outnumber iPhones and smartphones are becoming the phone of choice for many of your fans. Introduce your fans to your new Android App, offering all the features of your mobile web and providing a richer mobile experience on these phones. Our pre- built native Android App is set up automatically for you, and we handle the placement in the Android marketplace so you’re up and running in days. Also, the backend platform is integrated, so when you update your mobile web, your Android App is automatically synched and updated. It’s “2in1”, with your mobile web wrapped into an Android App, promoted in the Android Marketplace.

Our new Android App feature is available to our Silver members and priced at $24.95 per month and has a $200 setup fee. You can learn more about the Android App and how to get started at this URL: http://www.advamobile.com/MobileWebAndNativeApps.aspx.

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