People don't buy what you do they buy why you do it.

I'm watching this really insightful presentation by Simon Sinek (here) about how to motivate people to buy your product. It's especially interesting because here at Adva Mobile we do mobile marketing for musicians, with mobile web sites, Apps, storefronts, text campaigns, etc. We tell you that all the time. We tell you what we do. Hey, we're technologists.

We don't tell you why we do it. We believe that mobile can be the center of the universe for a new successful business model for music.  We think everything you do today to connect with fans, tell them where you're playing, how to buy tickets, how to find your music, buy your music, tell their friends about you, .... everything is better and easier on mobile. You thought you needed to be on MySpace? Where did that get you? Heck, PC's are going away. Mobile is not going away. Everything you are trying to do as a musician except make great music can be done on mobile better than any other service or system out there.

There is this cool concept called "The Law of Diffusion of Innovation." Here's what it looks like:

The key to this chart is that the "Early Majority", where innovative ideas (like Adva Mobile) take off, can't occur until you have attracted the Innovators and Early Adopters. And to get them (you) to try our innovation, we have to tell you why we're doing Adva Mobile, not what we do.

We really like the Innovators and Early Adopters. They want to be first. If you are the kind of person that believes mobile can create a whole new system for finding fans, sharing music, connecting with them and selling to them,  boy do we have a product for you.

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