Texting In is Checking In

Are your fans Checking In? If they are using Foursquare, they are telling their fans where they are. Same with Facebook. So it's all about location. Where they are - physically.

What about mentally? That's where Texting In lives. When your fans Text In to your mobile presence, they are telling you where they are - mentally. They are connecting with you.

Sometimes they'll do that on their own, and sometimes you have to prompt them. With a text blast, for example. Or, run a contest. Tell everyone that the person that has the most page views on your mobile site on a particular day is your "Mayor" of the day. Acknowledge them on your blog and Facebook page. Send them a discount to buy a T-Shirt.

The Adva Mobile reports engine helps make this kind of contest simple:

Use mobile to be innovative and connect with your fans with thse simple fan engagement campaigns.

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