New SMS Text Rules from the Phone Companies that affect you

Many of you actively promote your mobile site to your fans on your desktop web sites or Facebook pages. We see callouts to Text GET(bandname) to 88704 all the time. That's great!

When you see this on TV - for example, when you see the instructions to text in to vote on American Idol - you might notice the small print under the text in the call-out. "Data and Message charges may apply" is the most common small print. We've received a notification that this language is now required whenever you put GET(bandname) to 88704 in print.

What happened was, one of the wireless carriers did an audit and found a band promoting their mobile site with their shortcode (88704) and keyword (GETbandname) without this required language. So they wrote to us and told us to fix it.

The carriers are pretty strict about these things. So, until it got fixed, we had to disable this band on our system. Because, if we're not compliant, they can shut down 88704, and that screws everybody.

Here's the new language you need to show if you promote your mobile site in print (on your website, Facebook Page, handouts, posters, etc.)

Text GET(bandname) to 88704 for a Free Download
Terms at http://www.advamobile.com/Terms.aspx
Privacy Policy at http://www.advamobile.com/Privacy.aspx
Max 4msg/mo. Text STOP to 88704 to Stop, Text HELP to 88704 for Help
Message and Data Rates may apply

The part in RED is optional, of course. It can say Text GET(bandname) to 88704 to join our mobile site, or anything else.

The band that got audited chose not to add the language. Instead, they told their fans to scan a QR code to get to their site. (We gave them the code. Get in touch if you want one.) Almost as good as Text - (we get phone numbers automatically for your fan database when they text in. We have to ask fans to enter this info when we use QR codes.) Either way works.

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