The Artist Portal Message Board

The Artist Portal Message Board went live this week! 

We always wanted to create a dialog among the Artist community where you could ask questions, share insights, and let other Artists know what was working and what was a waste of time as you marketed your music to fans using the mobile ecosystem. When we were designing the Artist Portal Dashboard, we included a Message Board in the design so that you could see and join the conversations when you logged in.

The Message Board is at the bottom of the Dashboard page, right underneath the chart we present that shows your fan growth. For starters, it's a simple board where you can post and respond to messages. Later, if it gets too large, we'll expand it to deal with specific topics, like you see with the large Message Boards on other sites.

Adva Mobile will be monitoring the Message Board also, so you can ask us anything. It should be a great place to ask us questions about mobile campaigns, mobile best practices, new features you're looking for, how something works, etc.

Anything at all. Just ask - us, or your fellow musicians on Adva Mobile.

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