What is the Open Rate for SMS Text?

Shift Communications is a data driven PR Agency (and not affiliated with Adva Mobile.) SHIFT commissioned Google Consumer Surveys to collect responses from a representative sample of 1,000 respondents who answered the question “Do you read every SMS text message sent to you?”. This survey collected 1,907 impressions and 1,030 responses for a 54% response rate with an RMSE score of 1.8%. SHIFT Communications was the sole investor in the study. The survey population was the adult Internet user population of the United States who are active smartphone owners, ascertained by survey deployment in in-app advertising. The date of the survey period was 9/26/15 – 9/28/15.

So that's pretty good. For Artists on the Adva mobile platform, where fans either read every text or read them from an Artist they are opted in to, it seems reasonable safe to conclude 98 percent of your texts are being read by your fans.

Check out the report from Shift Communications here.

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