Survey Your Fans - Do They Like Texts?

Ask your fans:
How's our Texting?

 Do you wonder if your Fans like getting texts from you? Here is a GREAT IDEA to 
Ask your Fans if they want more or less Texts From You
Check out the Survey Engagement Feature on the Adva Mobile Platform
Gain more info about your fans (we'll capture their Zip Code) 

We'll credit your account with the number of texts you send to your fans.

 Here's What To Do:
1. Go on to your Adva Mobile Dashboard and click on the "Surveys" Tab
2. Where it says "Set up promotional message on your home page", enter "Take the Survey - Do You like Texts?"
3. Here are Four Options to ask your your Fans: 
o I like getting Texts from you once a month
o I would like a Text from you more than once a month
o I only want a Text from you when you are coming to my town.
o I don't want any more Texts from You
4. Schedule your Survey (2-4 days is OK). You can also give them some complimentary content if you want. Here is what your Web App Home page and the Survey Page will look like:

5. Now, send a SMS Text Blast to your Fans. Here is a message you can use:
"How's our Texting? Help us help you get only the messages you want by telling us how often you want texts, right here:"

When you set up your SMS Text Blast you can select "Surveys" on the drop down box and the link we automatically add will take Fans right to the Survey Page.

That's it! You'll learn valuable insights from your Fans, you'll engage them on your web app (always a good thing!) and you and your Fans will have fun using the cool Surveys Feature of the Adva Mobile Platform. Check it out!

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