New Fan Engagement Score (ES) a Game Changer for learning who your Superfans are

A new feature on the Adva Mobile platform now scores Fans as they engage Artists on their mobile web app, helping Artists identify which fans are most engaged, most loyal, and ready to support their favorite Artists with purchases. Engagement Scores track Fan Activity and measure engagement level - Purchases, Video Watches, Music Listens, Photo Views, Contest and Survey participation, and other activities. The sophisticated Fan Database allows Artists to filter Fans by Engagement Score and Artists can then target these Fans with special offers and bundled packages these loyal Fans crave.

Superfan Location Targeting

The database filtering system is so sophisticated that an Artist can uniquely identify their most loyal Fans in any location. By running a filter on the location field, and a second filter pass on Engagement Score to determine which among these Fans are most engaged, Artists can schedule meet and greets, backstage passes, and other high quality merchandise and services these SuperFans are ready to buy.

On the Portal

The Engagement Score is a new column on the Fan Database Page.

The filtering is very sophisticated, allowing Artists to select a value (for example, 5) and then filter Fans by many categories including "greater than", "equal to", "between", etc. Once a filter is created, it can be named and saved, and used as part of targeted Text and Email campaigns.

ES in Action

A new Artist on the Adva Mobile service (few months), with ~400 opted in mobile Fans, can identify which fans are already on his web app and engaging:

Another Artist, now with almost 900 Fans, sees a greater level of engagement over time. More than 80 fans  (8% - this is page 1 of 2) have engaged the Artist more than 9 times, and can be targeted for special invites and bundles from the Artist.

Mobile technology is really living up to its trans-formative promises when it can demonstrate activity levels for unique Fans that help Artists understand and connect with their True Fans. By taking advantage of the Adva Mobile Engagement Score, Artists have a better view into the fans that can help make their music careers.

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