A cool, short and catchy way for your fans to join your mobile club

Hey bands,
We've got great news to share!

Imagine you're on stage doing the shoutout for your fans to join your mobile fan club. You tell them why and how to join.
We'll talk in depth about 'Why' another time (also because you can motivate them, you're smart!).

For the 'How to join', what's really important, is a memorable, easy and catchy way for your fans to join. Because if they don't do it then, you want it to be easy for them to remember.
Today we're announcing a new, short and easy keyword scheme, and our new shortcode:

For the keyword, you can now have your own short and snappy keyword, like "kings", "lagoon" etc.. Make it short and memorable!

Our new shortcode is GETME, which, if you look on your phone, spells 43863.
So how about 
"Text Lagoon to GETME (43863) now!"

If your fans don't send the SMS during the show, it's much easier to remember your band name + the word GETME, so when they get home, or a day later, they simply need to remember two things to join your mobile fan club!

For those of you who already have a keyword that's prefixed with "get", and want to make it shorter, simply head over to the "Profile" page on Adva Mobile's portal, and you can change your keyword there.

Thanks for reading, and send us your feedback!

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