New Ways to Nab New Fans From the Stage

Raving FansPlaying live means there are always people in the audience who could become fans. Don't let them go home without asking them to join your fan club so you can tell them about your next gig and sell them your music!

Here are three ways you can nab new fans from the stage by using their mobile phones:
  • Tell them to SMS your keyword to GETME (43863): Text McAlister to GETME...Easy to remember, easy to join! It'll even work better if you add it to your merch table as well.
  • How about a cool snappy URL? Adva.US/ is for your fans to access from their phones or PCs. For example: Adva.US/McAlister
  • Spread the word over your MySpace, Facebook pages, or anywhere else using your own personalized widget.
To learn more and start using, check out the "Promote" page on our portal. If you've not joined Adva Mobile yet, click here to join!

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