Investing in artists - the human part of the capital attraction equation...

Bruce Warila | Mon, November 10, 2008

More and more artists are seeking advice on how to obtain a substantial investment ($50,000 to $250,000), and artists around the globe are structuring their organizations as small businesses that will generate a return on investment for investors (for fans and for brands that invest in artists).
Prior to writing more about the legal or business things you need to do to obtain an investment, I wanted to touch on the human part of the capital attraction equation.

After reading this list you may say to yourself "WTF, do I have to be a saint to raise money?" The answer is no, maybe you don't. This is my investment checklist, and I believe it's necessary to keep every business option open, especially in the music industry. When an investor is investing in more than a single song (a person or a band), he or she is probably looking for someone that MOST consumer-facing brands would also be comfortable promoting.


This article originally appeared in Unsprung Media, a blog by Bruce Warilla.

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