Do you have a mailing list signup form in your gigs? Add mobile signup to it!

Hi Everyone,
As promised , 300 bands make us very happy and in return we want to make you happy, by pumping more helpful features you asked for!

This one has been asked for a while back, and we've been waiting for approvals from the operators to do it, now we can!!!

So, if you have a mailing list signup form on the merch table, for example, now you can add to it "Join my Mobile Fan Club". You need to get your fans 10-digit phone number, and their carrier (we don't support all of them, but we support many!). Here's an example for a ready form for you.

Let your fans join your mobile fan club on the mailing list form!

Once you have those phone numbers and carriers, email them to fansignupform@advamobile.com or fax it to us (the fax number is on the Promote page on the artist portal.

Next, tell your fans to expect an invitation to your mobile fan club to come on their phones as an SMS, which we will send in the next 14 days (just to give you a little time to tell your fans).

Once your fans receive the SMS, all they have to do it to reply YES or Y (case insensitive), and that's it! they'll get another SMS with a link to your site and they're done!

We will send you a report that will tell you how many SMSs went out and you'll be able to see on the portal how many new fans you have!

To learn more, or see other promotional tools, check out the Promotion page on the artist portal.

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