Microfundo - Microfunding - Ask your fans to fund your next project!

Here's a great idea! Have your fans support you and your projects (touring, recording, etc.) in exchange for VIP Access and Exclusive Perks. Microfundo is an organization that applies the microfinance model to music in order to support independent musicians struggling to make it in the developing world. Your fans lend you money to finance your project. Microfundo collects the funds and then passes them along to you once you have reached your goal. Over time you should be able to repay the loan via sales of digital downloads of your music that is distributed through Microfundo's media partners at National Geographic and Mondomix.

Microfundo plans to use mobile marketing services from Adva Mobile to collect money for Artists Projects right at concert events, where the Artist - Fan connection is strongest. And, Microfundo plans to help fans discover emerging artists on their mobile phones by promoting artists geographically, through the Microfundo Mobile Fan Club. Text microfundo to 43863 - GETME - to check out their mobile page. They're also at www.microfundo.com and our joint press release is here.

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