Mobile Marketing Grows, But Targeting Necessary (Reblogged)

We're sharing with you an insightful post by Bruce Houghton today on Hypebot. Smart targeting your fans is key to your success with keeping them engaged. It's even more critical on mobile than anywhere else, as your mobile alerts to your fans can be highly disruptive to them. Your disruption would be welcome if you're telling them news that's relevant to them, but you'd turn off your NY fans by repeatedly telling them about new gigs in Boston.

Adva Mobile's free Mobile Fan Club service provides tools not only to communicate with your fans, but also to collect information about them, so you can effectively target them in subsequent campaigns and promotions. We invite you to check out our Mobile Fan Club service, specifically the reporting portal and the fan blast tools.

Here's the original article, enjoy reading!

Mobile ad spending will grow 27% to $2.1 billion in 2010, according to the Mobile Marketing Association. But while the audience for mobile marketing is growing, it's still relatively small and confined to a limited segment of the market.

Marketers who employ mobile marketing to the wrong group risk turning them off according to an analysis of BIGresearch’s Simultaneous Media Usage Survey of over 22,000. Those who like mobile marketing tend to be young men. They are cell phone-centered and more likely to use social media. Those who don’t like mobile marketing tend to be slightly older women who are not as centered around their cell phone or social media.

Key Characteristics of Mobile Marketing Users and Non-Users:

                                                  Mobile Marketing        Mobile Marketing
                                                              Users                   Non-Users
Men                                                        57.9%                   46.2%     
Women                                                   42.1%                   53.8%           
Average Age                                            39.2                    45.9            
Online search triggered by cell                  17.4%                   2.4%
Communicate about search via cell            41.3%                   26.3%
Download music/video to cell phone           33.3%                   14.6%
Regularly Use Facebook                           37.9%                   27.8%
Regularly Use MySpace                           23.2%                   9.8%
Regularly Use Twitter                               13.1%                   3.5%

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