Mobile is to internet like TV is to radio

This post is based on an article by Allan Moore, bestselling author and the CEO of SMLXL.
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Mobile is to internet like TV is to radio. Mobile is as much superior to the internet, as TV is to radio. Today at 2.7 billion mobile phone users, there are three times as many mobile phones as personal computers (and over a quarter of all internet access is already from mobile phones). There are nearly twice as many mobile phones as TV sets. Twice as many people use messaging on a phone (SMS text messaging) as use e-mail on the web. In this article, (including key quotes from Alan Moore's article with the original headline) we'll discuss what makes mobile so effective channel to your audience, and why you should include it in your marketing plan.

I often hear various internet experts talk about how limiting the mobile phone is for internet consumption. That there are problems with scrolling, and the keypad entry is cumbersome, and we lack a mouse on the phone. This is as stupid as the TV experts. We should NOT try to replicate the existing internet onto the mobile. Mobile is not a "small internet", it is a NEW mass media. As different from the internet as TV is from radio. We can do so much MORE on the phone that cannot be done on the internet.

Allan highlights 5 unique elements that distinguish Mobile: Personal, The first always-on mass media, the first always-carried mass media, the first mass media with a built-in payment mechanism and uniquely offers the media audience the input tool, at the point of creative impulse.

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Charlynne said...

Video Killed The Radio Star Now Mobile Entertainment Rules!

I can Text all My Fan's Whenever Whereever,Everyone Can be a Star!

Thank U Adva Mobile.

Charlynne said...

Video Killed The Radio Star! Now Mobile is King!

I Text My Fan's Whenever, Wherever, Anyone Can B A Star.

Thanks Adva Mobile.