Upgraded Twitter Mobile Page!

Following your feedback (which is always welcome!) we've upgraded the Twitter page slightly. It was too condense and confusing.
Your new Twitter page allows your fans to view your tweets separately from 'All Tweets', and then they can also tweet about you.
Here's an example of how this new page works:

The key to making this page perfectly is to enter your Twitter credentials on the artist portal, in the "Fan Comments" page. With that, we can accurately present the information and create tweets on your mobile page.
If you do not enter your twitter details then your mobile page will not be as great, because we will be effectively guessing your twitter user name...here's an example what that would look like:

So...what you need to do?
If we do not have your Twitter details already, log into your Adva Mobile account, enter your Twitter details on the fan posts page and you'll be all set!

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