Use Mobile Alerts to Help you Market

For people to come toward you when you are marketing to them you have to make your fans’ lives better in some way for them to accept mobile marketing from you. Otherwise, they will ignore your campaigns just like they ignore anything that is irrelevant or annoying to them. Two insights here can help you make sure you are providing value, and not interrupting their lives:

Timely Alerts: Your fans want timely alerts. Adva Mobile provides a terrific tool - Fan Blasts - for you to schedule your mobile alerts so that the information your fans are receiving is timely and relevant. there's lots going on in your music career, so let your fans know about it! Upcoming show this weekend? New merch item for sale? Heading into the recording studio? Relevant info is important, and mobile provides you with the capability to reach out to your fans.

Location Specific: Your fans in Tampa don't need to know your upcoming show dates in Portland, so think about who needs the information you're trying to send them. Our Fan Blast tool lets you filter your messages by location, so that relevant information is sent to those who really appreciate the alert.

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