Adva Mobile Voting Contest at the MIT In-NOW-Vation Event

Last Thursday Adva Mobile had an opportunity to showcase its VOTING feature at the MIT Enteprise Forum's In-NOW-vation event. This event was a showcase/networking event with 26 Boston area technology companies showing off their goods to an audience of about 250 worldwide MIT Enterprise Forum volunteer officers and a healthy group of Boston technologists, entrepreneurs, and Venture Capitalists.

Attendees were encouraged to vote in four categories:

  • Best in Show (won by Zeo)

  • Most Likely to be a household name (won by Everyspace)

  • Coolest Technology (won by Infrared5)

  • Company I want to have a beer with (won by MocoSpace)

We used the Adva Mobile Voting platform to vote. Attendees texted GETVOTE to 88704 (the same way you would do this at a live event or promoted on your Facebook page) and got a SMS link to the voting page. It looks like this:

During the event, we were able to show real time updates on a PC of how the voting was going. We could have put it up on a big screen, like you might do at a live event, but we just used a PC. It looks like this:

It was really cool to see how excited people got when they were using their phones to vote for their favorite companies. We did 3 shout outs during the event to remind people to vote, but as you can see from this chart, it was pretty consistent throughout the evening:

We learned that people with iPhones and Blackberry's and other smart phones had a better experience than feature phones, but everone could participate. We had a corner stand where people could come and get help - this was useful because it's still new (using your phone this way) so it was good to be able to help people who were trying this for the first time. (You could put a "VOTE HERE" sign at the merch table where fans could come for instruction if they needed it.)

About 60 percent of the attendees voted on their phones, so we think this was terrific engagement. It can definitely be used to engage your fans and collect their phone numbers for your mobile fan club, so be sure to try out Voting - another cool feature that's part of your mobile fan club.

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