Stars Go Dim Mobile Marketing Campaign Success

Stars Go Dim are prolific marketers of their music and it shows: Their music is featured on the Letters to God movie soundtrack, "Get Over It" was just featured on the AOL Music homepage, and they've been on MTV's The Real World. So when they wanted to get their mobile fan club rocking, they used the Contest feature of our mobile marketing service to get the word out and build their mobile fan base quickly.
Working with Adva Mobile, Stars Go Dim designed a marketing campaign around a free giveaway of SGD Content: an exclusive Stars Go Dim USB Thumbstick with music, video, pictures and a wonderful pdf file of song lyrics and the history of the band. Only 25 of these were created, adding to the exclusive nature of the prize.
For a chance to win this exclusive Stars Go Dim content, fans had to join the SGD mobile fan club (by texting in to SGD on their phone) and click on a link to participate in the contest. The Adva Mobile Artist Portal handled all of the details of the contest, including start date, end date, fan information collection, administration of the contest and reporting. At the end of the contest, the system automatically and randomly chose winners and sent them a text message telling them they won and how to collect their prize.
The contest ran for 3 weeks and was promoted on their Facebook and MySpace pages, and to fans on their email list. Stars Go Dim now have 87 new members of their mobile club (from zero at the start) and plan to grow their mobile fan club and incorporate mobile marketing into their ongoing marketing activities. And the lucky winners have one-of-a kind Stars Go Dim USB thumbsticks with exclusive content to show off at the next concert!

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