What's Going On?

We've been really pleased lately to see an escalated pace of Artist sign ups to our mobile marketing service. We're on the verge of a major milestone (hint: 1K bands) and we're also preparing to launch a new feature set with exciting new capabilities. Our Facebook page also has many new "likes", so you're finding us there also.

For new Artists, you might be wondering "What's Going On". Mobile is new, mobile is early (congratulations on being in front!), why am I doing this?

When we started Adva Mobile, we were thinking that Artists had a way of reaching fans on the web - for most, it was MySpace - but nothing was available to help you reach your fans on mobile phones. So our platform lets you reach fans and create closer relations with fans on their mobile phones. Fans that have a good relationship with you will support you - send you money. There's a three step process to this:

  • Acquire Fans

  • Engage Fans

  • Monetize Fans

That's "What's Going On". For all you new Artists, you should spend time gathering your fans and having them join your mobile club. When you have a group and something to say to them, engage them. In a year (or less) when you have hundreds or thousands of fans, you can engage them - in commerce.

First though, you need to get them to become mobile fans.

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