Is Mobile Better Than Facebook for Engaging Fans?

Today I'm writing about an article from Hypebot (one of our favorite daily Blogs) to share with you because it's very germane to what we're trying to do here at Adva Mobile. The article is by Robin Davey at Growmyvision.com) it's titled "Only 10% of your friends see your Facebook posts and only 1% like it."It's worth the read. It's a very prescient article because here at Adva Mobile we've always thought that the ability to proactively reach out to your fans with SMS texts that drive them to your rich media mobile webpage was far more effect than any of your other tools that reach fans where they had to find you. I've included a link to the Hypebot article http://www.hypebot.com/hypebot/2011/03/only-10-of-your-friends-see-your-facebook-posts-and-only-1-like-it.html?utm_source=feedblitz&utm_medium=FeedBlitzEmail&utm_campaign=0&utm_content=395530

The article affirms that it is still early for mobile and that the music mainstream has just not discovered mobile as a way to reach fans, because Robin suggests direct contact with your fans via e-mail as the most effective and essential tool to keep your fans updated. The e-mail studies show that only 20% of the recipients open an e-mail, so all you've done is exchange a 1% success rate with a 20% success rate. SMS Text messaging, however, is currently running greater than 95% open rate. At Adva Mobile we think that your most effective marketing tool to stay connected to, and engaged with, your fans. More than Facebook. The statistics bear it out.

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