Everything. Is. Amazing.


I posted this link on my Facebook page to remind my younger buddies that everything doesn't suck, and in fact, it's pretty amazing. It helps that it's a fun video with lots of laughs, especially if you're not so young that you don't know what we're talking about.

It's here on our AM Blog because being in music today doesn't suck, although I read every day about how hard it is to make any money, get fans, and the implosion of the labels. There are so many amazing tools make music, record music, edit music, tele-collaborate, distribute, build fan bases, sell direct, connect with fans. I mean, if you're in a band, you can show someone what you do right on your phone. They can listen to your music, watch a video, sign up to get messages and alerts from you, and buy your stuff. ON. YOUR. PHONE.

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