Group Texting? Adva Mobile has your back!

At the SXSW festival this year, there was a lot of buzz about "group messaging" startups—GroupMe, Beluga, or textPlus, among others. Group chats are easy to arrange online through instant messaging services or social networking features such as Facebook Groups. But they don't work well on mobile devices, or if they do, they require a smartphone app and a decent cellular signal, which excludes lots of potential users. In general, users set up groups either online or through a smartphone app and then invite members—family, colleagues, jam-band fans—to join. The service assigns each group a unique phone number; when a member sends a text to that number, everyone receives the message. Wait a minute - you already have that! As a member of the Adva Mobile community, you have your own "phone number" - it's 88704. And the message you send to all your "members" (fans) isn't a text (well, it starts as a text) - it's a rich-media delivering mobile web site where fan can learn, explore, download content, find out about shows, buy stuff, etc. - much more than a text can deliver. Fans can text to get to your mobile web site, and leave messages through the Twitter link on your mobile site. We'll get to the fan to fan experience later this year, but for now, take advantage of your own mobile group texting feature and send your fans a text blast.

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