Use Voting Campaigns to engage your fans

We were part of ther MIT Enterprise Forum's In-NOW-vation technology showcase last week, and it reminded me how useful our Voting Feature is for engaging an audience on their phones.

Voting engagement is a very cool feature of the Adva Mobile platform, and lets your fans vote on their favorite song, band member charity, color - anytrhing you want to ask them! Have fun with it! After they vote, they get a "results" page - right on their phone - that gives them real time updates about the voting contest.

We used the Voting feature at the MIT Enterprise Forum event and it was wildly successful. Over 550 votes were cast and it was a spirited competition for categories like "Company I Most Want to Have a Beer With" and "Company most likely to be acquired by Dr. Evin in his quest for world domination."

Voting is a feature available to our Bronze, Silver and Gold members, and is incredibly easy to set up. Upgrade your membership now if you're not already a paying member (and get lots of other cool benefits also) and check it out.

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