Adva Mobile Crowdfunding - Our First Milestone!

We’ve reached a milestone – $1,000 raised in our first week!!! Thank you to everyone who has contributed, it means so much to all of us on the Adva Mobile Team who are passionate about making this happen and helping bands and recording Artists take advantage of everything mobile has to offer. We’re excited about our progress and the comments from our friends who have made contributions are warmly received.

The Artists that use our service really appreciate what we’re providing to them. They know that mobile is the future, they need to get into mobile now, and we provide them a platform for them to take advantage of everything mobile has to offer. We communicate with many of them, especially in the beginning when we’re setting them up. It’s especially rewarding to get emails back like this one:
I’m going to start with YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!!! I love what your company does and you’ve just taken customer service to a whole new level!

Mobile can help Artists by providing a whole new revenue stream. It’s great to be leading a movement that can change an industry.

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