Crowdfunding Update Nov 11

We're at the end of our second week of our Crowdfunding Campaign and it's been quite a ride! Twenty Five (!!!) of our friends and business associates have connected with our mission and already we've raised over $1,800 -  27% of our goal. From what I'm reading about Crowdfunding, there's a big push towards the end of the campaign, so we're still very hopeful and encouraged that we'll meet our goal.

Two things have really struck me about this campaign. First, every time a new contribution come in, we get an email and it's been a very warm, enjoyable experience to see who has contributed. These early contributions are mostly from friends who share our passion for Adva Mobile and helping both the business succeed and helping Artists use mobile to further their careers.

Second, the sheer volume of work to run this campaign! I'd read, during the research before I started, that making it successful was a full time job. You have no idea. While some people contributed upon receiving our first email, the truth is, many donors will need multiple "touches" before they take action, and it's this effort that's time consuming. Of course, it's fun to reach out to our network and let them know what's going on - and there are a lot of networks! Email lists, Linked In, Facebook, Bands, the blog community - and each need a different message, and contributors need a different update. So it's fun, but work - on top of Adva Mobile work! No problem, since it's important. Please help make it happen - contribute at http://www.indiegogo.com/The-Adva-Mobile-Campaign.

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