Living the Mobile App - Mobile Web Debate

Nary a week goes by when those of us in the mobile marketing space are not confronted with the continuing Mobile Web vs Mobile App debate. Even if it's overdone, the conversation is healthy. The latest, and directly applicable to musicians, is included in a new Podcast service from called The Upward Spiral Podcast, promoted by Hypebot. You can check it out out here.

It's worth a listen to, if only to get a sense of what the issues are. They make a number of confusing points, like "Artists should make their own HTML5 mobile web sites if they's already making web sites" (are Artists really interested in making web sites?) and a statement that musicians are behind the curve compared to businesses when adopting mobile web (go to any business url on your phone and, just like musician sites, 99% it's not mobile optimized). But they make very good points about millennials experiencing the digital universe on mobile devices, the "market your brand vs. sell your fans" discussion, and promoting your mobile presence from the stage.

I recommend the Podcast. It's the first 20 minutes of their 40 minute podcast - easily digestible.

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