Thinking About HTML5

An Adva Mobile friend was at a conference in London a few weeks ago and he saw a demonstration of HTML5 capabilities. The demonstration showed a website on a desktop pc, and as the demonstration applied different screensizes, from iPad(tablet) to iPhone (mobile), not only did the content render correctly but the content also changed based on the screen size. The webite was running a javascript program that captured the window size of the requesting device and told the back end server what content to send.

 So, this is real cutting edge stuff. It's absolutely the future, so those of you thinking about a single HTML5 website for your desktop/tablet/mobile experiences are right on. The "requirement" to change content, however, speaks to our position here at Adva Mobile that people engaging bands on desktop and mobile are doing different things depending upon the device. You may have read earlier posts from us that label "snackable" content when referring the the fan's mobile experience. Also, it explains why companies that offer a service to "mobilize" your web site are not successful (these companies arbitrarily eliminate content from your main website), and why a single web site for a band that simply adjusts for screen size won't be effective for your audience.

 As part of our portal redesign we're also creating new mobile website templates, and these will be coded in HTML5. What's needed next are "wireframes" that show the layout - on a web page - of the different content your fans want on different devices: desktop, tablet, and mobile. Once that work was done, we'd be comfortable providing you with a complete digital experience for your fans across all devices, that maintained your brand everywhere.

 We'll get right on it.

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