HTML5 Frameworks and Hybrid Applications

The one and only solution to develop a native App that runs on different platforms is to develop a separate native application for each different platform, with proper interface, and a specialist developer with skills for the operating system and coding language. Contrast that development environment with an HTML web application that can be read by any phone that includes a web browser.

However, there are some applications that need both:

The ability to be used on any OS- Android, IOS, Windows, Blackberry, etc.
The ability to access Smartphone or Tablet native features, such as microphone, camera, calendar, contact list, accurate geo-location, etc.

In these circumstances, it's possible to use an intermediate solution - hybrid applications.

A hybrid application is based upon the same technologies as web applications - the code is built using standard HTML, CSS and Java Script. Thus, it has the same performance and qualities as web applications.

The code is then incorporated into "frameworks" that allow access to native features of the operating system.

Therefore, like a native application, a hybrid application can access all the hardware devices (camera, microphone, GPS, etc.) and be listed on the corresponding Store. Moreover, a hybrid application takes advantage of its HTML code - easy to update, develop, there's greater design responsiveness, and has long term stability regarding the language used.

There's an argument to be made about whether a musicians app needs to access any of the capabilities of a native OS. The web apps and hybrid apps developed by Adva Mobile in our upcoming HTML5 releases include an HTML5 music player, so even the music player of the smartphone isn't needed. This design choice gives us the flexibility to access native OS capabilities as new requirements for Artist - Fan engagement arise, but for now, we're hard pressed to find a feature on a smartphone that's needed by an Artist to acquire, engage and monetize your fan base.



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