Successfully Growing Your Mobile Fan Base

Take a look at these two charts. They are fan growth statistics from the same Artist, successfully growing their mobile fan base by promoting their mobile site and Apps at shows, on posters and their social media. The charts tell a very instructive story about the effort needed to steadily grow your fan base.

This chart was captured last year around the end of September 2011. The Artist joined Adva Mobile in March 2011 and we spent time creating and organizing the mobile site, building the Apps, and preparing for the launch. When the mobile site was announced in June, there was an immediate rush of fans who joined their site, and a steady growth of fan signing up throughout the year. This chart shows they had about 350 mobile fans after about four months of promotion.

This is a capture of the fan growth chart for the same Artist about two weeks ago. It's very instructive about growing your fan base. This Artist, through a combination of not touring and not promoting their mobile site and Apps, saw fan growth stagnate for the first half on 2012, and then dramatically grow to over 1800 fans once they started telling fans to connect with them on mobile phones.

Growing your fan base takes a consistent effort -it's not hard, but you have to do it every time you're in front of an audience, and regularly post that fans can connect with you on their mobile phones. This Artist has a fan base that is energized about them and regularly engage them on mobile, and can market to these special fans with show tickets, merchandise and music.

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