12 on 12-12-12

You only get the opportunity to post a blog like this once every 100 years, so here are Twelve Great Things about mobile technology and mobile marketing happening on Adva Mobile.

1. The New Portal is almost ready to launch
We're weeks away from launching the most powerful mobile technology and marketing service available.
2. Twelve New Artists on the AM Platform
Jeff Bujak, Traumavic, JaLonBlacc, Bluemarch, Jimmie Van Zant, The Heritage, Niloy Phukan,  ROCKET McFLYY, The Deadly Strawberry,  Calypso Toad,  Terror Alert Elevated, The Suspense
3. Digital Content for Sale
The new platform will let you upload your music / videos, set your own price, and sell to your fans right on their phones
4. Hybrid Apps
By wrapping your mobile web site in our iPhone and Android App wrappers, you can manage your mobile assets across all platforms through one CRM  
5. More Detailed Fan Info
The new platform provides even more info about your fans so you can target your superfans with special offers.
6. Sneak Preview of the Portal
You can check out what's coming right now http://prezi.com/tduzbii7rd43/sneak-peek-the-new-adva-mobile-portal/
7. Contests & Voting 
The new portal helps you engage your fans with contests on their phones where they can win things, and a voting game where they can vote for their favorite  ... (whatever!)
8. Adva Mobile Homepage Contest
Here's a game - go to the Sneak Preview and the last "slide" is the new home page. Tell us who the artists are by sending an email to info@advamobile.com and you'll win a prize. (We'll figure something out.)
9. Cool New Mobile Web Designs
When the new portal launches, you'll have two new very cool designs for you to choose from (and more on the way!). 
10. Your Own Mobile Store
Digital, physical, bundles  .... sell direct to fan on your own mobile store - and keep the list price $$.
11. More fans in 2013
Here's to more fans, loyal fans, and more money for you in 2013 with the help from the Adva Mobile platform.
12. Tom Brady - #12
Coincidence? I don't think so!


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