SMS Horrors

Coca-Cola Co. is being sued for allegedly sending unsolicited spam text messages to thousands of individuals without prior consent, violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

The class action complaint cites one example wherein a consumer allegedly received a text message with a scoreboard update from a football game between the University of Alabama and Louisiana State University (LSU) informing him to vote for one of the teams.  After the consumer placed his vote, he received an additional unsolicited text message with a Coke Zero ad.
According to the complaint, Coca-Cola used marketing firm Mozes Inc., to send unsolicited advertisements for its products, thus violating the TCPA.  The TCPA forbids companies from reaching out to people on their phones using a mechanical dialing system or prerecorded message without their prior permission.
Here at Adva Mobile, we are insanely protective of you're fan's privacy and, when a fan texts in to your band name keyword (by texting GETLyasia to 88704, for example), the only text that can be sent to that fan is from Lyasia. 
Text services from Adva Mobile are a powerful tool for you to use to reach and engage your fans. It's a very regulated world to play in, and the Adva Mobile service has undergone strict review to be approved by the wireless carriers. This story is a good example of what happens when it all goes wrong.
 Sending SMS from the Adva Mobile service is set up to comply with all these carrier rules. And your fan info is secure - and only available to you. We've got your back.

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