Stream Music Right From Your Phone

The new Adva Mobile platform we launched in March is getting rave reviews (THANKS!) and one feature especially is generating a lot of energy. It's the ability to stream music right inside a mobile web page. We think Adva mobile may be the only mobile marketing company offering this capability for musicians today.

Here's a screen shot from the mobile site of Adva Mobile Artist Illogistical Resource Department (I.R.D.). All these tracks are uploaded to the Content section on the portal and fans stream these songs by clicking on the Play button.

What's especially cool about streaming inside the mobile web app is that the fan doesn't leave your mobile site to play music. The way our old system worked, and the way most other mobile web sites work, is that playing music causes the phone to open the music player app on the phone (iTunes on the iPhone, for example) - so you're off the site.

Another terrific benefit to our new streaming feature is that fan's DON'T get to download this music - they can only stream it. So you can put a song up for sale and the fans can buy it and download it if they want to own it, or just stream it if they want a streaming service.

The analytics on all this is also great. We're capturing which fans, are streaming which music, and how many times, so you have terrific vision into which of your songs are getting the most play.

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