Use The Shoutout to Attract More Fans

The Adva Mobile platform provides Artists with a terrific tool for capturing fan data at their moment of inspiration - your show! It's the SMS SHORTCODE and KEYWORD we give you to let fans text you. This is So Much Better than collecting email addresses at the merch table because it's immediate, virtually error free, and fans are 99% likely to open a text from you - only about 20% will open your emails.

A refresher - the SHORTCODE is the number fans text to. For all of you, it's 88704. The KEYWORD is your personal text word - usually your band name (but can be anything available) It's the Message fans send to 88704. Most begin with GET. So, fans get to your site by texting getbandname to 88704.

But you have to tell them to do that.

How do you do that? Well, you can make Facebook Posts and Tweets, and that works. But by far the best way is at the show, from the stage - The Shoutout.

Mobile is so new, you have to teach your fans about it. You'll come up with your own style. During the show, you can tell your fans they can get a song for free by texting GETbandname to 88704. After a few shows, it will be completely natural, and part of your show routine, and you'll be building up your fan base.

There's a great Shoutout on this YouTube video here. Try a Shoutout at your next show and watch your fan base grow.

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