Adva Mobile Helps Artists Target Fans via Text and Email Through Updated CRM Portal

Adva Mobile has added a set of new features to its Mobile Marketing Portal that helps Artists target fans more precisely with messages about concerts, tickets, new music, merchandise for sale and news.

Fan Filtering to the Nth Degree

The new Fan Filtering feature adds an entirely new dimension to targeted mobile marketing campaigns. The database of fans that have opted in to receive messages from Artists can be sorted and filtered by location, age, number of site visits, phone area code, email, name and a host of other criteria. The sorting engine provides common filtering tools including equal to, great than / less than, does not include, etc.

Once the flter is run, the results can be saved and used for a targeted SMS Text or email blast.

Simplifying SMS Campaigns

Artists access mobile marketing campaign creation through a new setup tool that walks the Artist through a simple four step process:

  1. Choose whether to send a SMS Text or Email
  2. Compose your message. Choose which mobile page (or none) you want to direct the fan to
  3. Send to all fans, Fans within a city radius, or fans in a Filter you created
  4. Schedule your message or send it now

Control over your SMS and EMAIL Message

Text and emails sent by Artists to fans can include a URL Link to one of your mobile web pages - Shows, News, or Store, for example. The new software also lets you include "No Link" so that artists can just send messages to fans, or include links to other Web locations, such as their iTunes Store page.

Mobile Marketing Services Help Musicians Engage Fans at the Moment of Inspiration

Adva Mobile provides the most complete Mobile Marketing service for Artists to help them acquire, engage, and sell to their Fans. The service includes incoming SMS shortcode and keyword (text bandname to 88704) to help acquire fans during shows at their moment of inspiration, and the new outgoing SMS Text and Email blast makes it easy to keep in touch with fans through a device that is always with them and personal to them - their mobile phone or tablet.

There's more info, including screen shots of most of the new pages, on Slideshare at http://www.slideshare.net/jackk911/adva-mobile-text-blasts-and-filters

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