Fan Data - How much is enough?

We were recently re-reading an older (Jan 2012) blog by music marketer  Jem Bahaijoub,  the founder of Imaginepr, about mobile marketing strategy for musicians and the need for fan data. She wrote:

In order to get any mobile marketing campaign off the ground, you need to own fan data (email addresses, zip codes, cell numbers, etc.). How much fan data is enough I hear you ask? Well this depends on your goal and tactic. If you want to launch a simple SMS campaign to promote an upcoming tour where you need to pull 30-50 people at each venue, then ensure you have at least double this amount in cell numbers in each geographical area. If you still need to work on your database then start collecting now! You can incentivize your fans via your existing marketing platforms. For example, the Black Eyed Peas collected cell numbers on a recent tour by asking fans to text shout-outs during a concert which Will.i.am then incorporated into an improvised rap. Genius. Be clever and creative but always remember to respect your fans’ privacy, and follow the golden rule of opting-in.

Helping Artists collect and manage fan data is one of the cornerstones of what we do here at Adva Mobile. When a fan texts in to you from your show, we collect their phone number, mobile carrier, and other info about their mobile phone. When you offer them exclusive content, we capture their email address, zip code, gender and age. Our fan records all tell you when they signed up, how many times they visit your site, whether they downloaded content or bought anything, the last time they were on your site, and other useful information that will help you understand your fans and target for your next show, purchase pitch, or news.

Having fan data, and tools that help you slice and dice and use the data to your best advantage, is critical if you are going to manage and grow your fan base and ask therm to support your art and your music career.

The three part article set by Jem is really good reading about why and what an Artist needs to think about as you prepare to run a mobile campaign. You can check it out here

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