New Store Feature lets you link to iTunes, Amazon and others

Selling music and merchandise on your mobile site continues to be a primary thrust for your mobile marketing efforts, so we’re always looking for ways to help you sell to your fans. Selling directly to fans on your mobile site remains your most attractive alternative:
·        You keep 100% of the sale price
·        You learn which fans are purchasing your items, and can specifically target them again with special items
·        You collect important contact information about them

However, it’s also true that fans may wish to buy from the popular stores like iTunes or Amazon, or you may, for administrative reasons, prefer fans to buy from CD Baby, Tunecore, your own store, or any of hundreds of others. Now fans can do that.

The new feature enhancements allows you to enter the URL to these external stores that bring fans directly to your page on these stores.

When you add a link, the bottom of your mobile Store page is automatically populated with the Store icon, which links directly to the Store.

We’re starting with the popular Stores but if there’s a Store Link you want to add, just let us know and we’ll put it up. Making it easy for you to direct fans to buy from you – wherever you want to sell them – it what’s behind this new feature.

Happy selling!

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