Using Contests to Build Your Fan Base

Adva Mobile Artist Tim Lee, a comedian from LA, is finding terrific success using the Contest Feature to build his fan base at shows.  He raffles off a T-shirt. It’s a different kind of “shout - out”. Here’s how he does it:

  • His show starts at 8pm. He sets up a contest on the portal to start at 7pm or 8pm and end at 9pm.
  • Early into his show, he tells fans they can win a T- Shirt, just text to 88704. 
  • The fans text in, get to the contest page, we ask for their zip code there (the page is pre-populated with their phone number and carrier - we have that since they texted in), and they enter the contest.
  • Just after 9pm, the contest ends, and our system sends a text message to everyone that joined the contest. The text has a URL - the fans click on the URL, they are brought to a page that tells them “You Won” or “You Didn’t Win”. The fan(s) that won receive a second text from us telling them they won. 
  • The Fan brings their phone to the merch table after the show to pick up their T-Shirt.
He’s seeing about one third of the audience join the contest, which I think is a terrific number. If you want to put something like this in place, it's set up on the Contests page of the Portal. Or let us know and we can help set it up. 

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