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Moon reinvigorated by electric strings, bass, drums and a touch of jazz improv. Founding member, composer, arranger, producer, multi-instrumentalist and father of 3 Will Taylor drives the band and promotes no boundaries - form doesn't matter as much as passion, fun and creativity.
Will Taylor & Strings Attached has been creating innovative music and supporting a music career since 1993, so he knows about the mix between creative and business in forming a musicians career. He's helpful and willing to share his insights with other Artists - there's an entire YouTube channel of helpful advice in the form of 5 minute tips you can find at his YT channel. 

When he joined Adva Mobile and we saw a rapid uptick in the number of fans opting in to receive mobile texts from him, we were curious as to how he was attracting fans. His solution: Sign Up Sheets distributed at every show to every audience member.  "I keep all of the sign-up sheets that my fans submit at shows." Says Will. "We have a very high success rate with guests  filling it out because we usually offer them a free bootleg CD in exchange." They include the request to be put on the text list,  their cell phone number and their wireless  provider. Will has been adding fans into his mobile database and, combined with the fans that join by texting in, over 300 fans are now part of his database in less than a month, with more added all the time. 

Will was also willing to share more info about how he's collecting fan info. Here's a link to a You tube video -  http://youtu.be/BAQpv7WcJvQ  (its about how he specifically captures fans with the form at shows, and here's a picture of the form he has fans fill out.  

Get Will's Free 5 Min Tips to Tame Creative Life so You Can Make More Art and Have a Life. Will's tips here are here: http://budurl.com/subscribew5mt

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