Ever take a minute to stop and think about how ubiquitous coupons are in our lives? They're everywhere! I'm not a coupon guy, but even I can't ignore that, like advertising, they must work, because everyone is using them.

There's a really cool way to use coupons as part of your mobile marketing efforts with the Adva Mobile platform. A number of our Artists have discovered this and are promoting sales at the merch table with coupons that are part of an Adva Mobile marketing activity. Here's how:

First, create a simple coupon and save it as a jpeg image. Here's a simple example.

Second, many of the fan engagement features of the Adva Mobile platform including Exclusive Content, Voting, and Contests, include the ability to offer something to the fan as a thank you for participating. That can be your coupon. Here's a picture of where you set that up on the Voting & Contest setup pages.

Now, fans that participate in one of your marketing capaigns, especially at shows, can show the coupon they downloaded at your merch table. This promotes more sales.

This marketing tool is especially effective with Artists that are using the Contest feature during live shows. They run the contest, and the winning fan(s) get free merch for winning, and the other participants that didn't win get a discount coupon.

Get in touch with us here at Adva Mobile if you need any help setting up or executing a marketing campaign with coupons. 

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