Web Sites or Web Apps? Which is better for Musicians?

“Every Artist needs a Web Site”. We read that and hear that all the
time. But is a Web Site the right digital footprint for an Artist? Maybe not.

When you think of Web Site, you think of consuming information that is mostly static and doesn’t change very often. When you think of Applications, you’re DOING something. Like desktop applications (Word, Photoshop, Skype), Web Applications are dynamic and ever-changing. Web applications rely on you to interact with them, whether by contributing content or by gathering data from other sources and presenting it to you.

Now, think of how an Artist uses the internet:
·        Continually uploading content – music, videos, photos
·        Continually communicating with Fans – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Vine, etc.
·        Continually updating Show information
·        A desire to have regular engagement with Fans

The dynamic nature of the Artist to Fan relationship speaks volumes to having a Web Application and not a Web Site. Where “Web Sites” end and “Web Apps” begin. Compared to the classic web, i.e. blogs and news sites, Web Apps provide a richer user experience and access to advanced browser capabilities. But it’s more about the task focus than the technology itself. The use case of an application is always to DO something with it.

Also, how you use your Web App or Web Site is also important. Since Web Sites are, for the most part, static and unchanging, it’s OK to have fans find you. But with the dynamic nature of Web Apps, you want to proactively drive your fans to your Web App because there is constantly changing news and content. 

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