Use Text Messaging for the "Moment"

Sending fans a text message creates a "moment" of connection between you, the Artist, and your fans. It's a tool to create fan loyalty and, ultimately, drive business results (a sale). Mobile text messaging is rooted in it's immediacy, and it's the trigger or catalyst for a mobile moment. It's a mechanism to get a fan to take action now.

These mobile moments are present throughout the entirety of the Artist - Fan relationship.

Engage: Connect with fans and have fun using Contests, Exclusive Content, or Voting.

Discover: Alert fans to new content.

Buy: Prompt fans to purchase show tickets, special deals, or send them a coupon.

Explore: Remind fans of all the cool music, videos and news they can find on your Web App.

Use:  The most engaged fans expect help to get the most of your Web App. Send texts to encourage activity so they get the most from their connection to you and your music.

Ask: Send fans a poll, asking them to vote on a topic important to them.

Your fans connect with you during their entire journey with you throughout your Artistic career. Map your mobile messaging to key moments in this journey. The immediacy and effectiveness of Text Messaging  drives fan action and increases sales, engagement and loyalty.

Thanks to Forrester Research for the inspiration, and some of the ideas, for this article.

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