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First post...very exciting!

To kick off this blog, I wanted to share a little bit about Adva Mobile, who we are, our vision, what's in it for you (if you're a band for now) and what we'd like to achieve in having this blog. At the end of the day, we'd like you (the band) to join and enjoy our service!

Lots to cover, let's get started!

What's Adva Mobile?

We're a mobile marketing service for emerging entertainment artists. We enable artist to create and grow communities of fans with a mobile fan club experience. A mobile fan club, to us, means anything and everything you could do on your mobile phone that's fun and useful. For example, you could tell your fans on a Friday night about an upcoming gig and give them a discount coupon for a ticket. You could have mobile internet pages that show your art, images, about the band, gigs etc. You could let your fans download your songs to their phone so they can take it with them to the gym. You could sell them tickets, music and more.

Who is Adva Mobile?

We're two technology geeks with some understanding of the emerging music artist. Jack Kelly, the CEO, has a huge music collection and is following many bands as an active fan. He also has an iPhone and would love to be 'in the know' about the bands he follows. Amir Rozenberg (that's me) is a mobile geek, a marketer and thinks you can gain a lot by giving fans great experience, as they will follow you to your gigs. We're about artists and for artists, period.

Our vision

We think that if you combine your creativity with the technology of mobile phones, you can gain a lot. Give your fans a great experience, and they will reward you by telling their friends, buying your merch and following you to your gigs. Yes, there are marketing tools out there today that do similar things, but there is really nothing more effective in your communication with your fans then they're always-on mobile phone, is there? Many people today don't see mobile phones as such a promising way to give fans this great experience and get rewarded. We think we can see a little bit into the future, and we think the future has a lot of fun on your mobile phone!

What's in it for you (the band)?

Let's see: what do you care about (name 3 things)? if I had to guess, these 3 things would be:

  • fans care about my music

  • Get to the next bigger gig

  • (if possible) make some money (or at least cover the cost)

We address all of those.

If you're reading this, chances are that you understand the value of the relationship with your fans and you know it needs work. A bigger and "stickier" community of fans means bigger success as a band. That's because a large fan community means they come to your gigs and fill the room (so you can get a larger gig next time), they buy your merchandise, they tell their friends etc.

So how does this work?

For starters, plainly, you give your fans a great experience with your mobile fan club. There's more sizzle and fun in being 'in the know' and in real-time with messages that come directly to your phone about tonight's gigs, for example. The ability to download and listen to music on the phone and share it with their friends, participate in raffles, votes and other games etc. Unlike other marketing methods, using the mobile phone you can make your fans be an active part of a community, in a fun way. They'll appreciate the 'underground' sense of exclusive content they can get. even if that would be it (which it isn't), they'll reward you for your efforts.

Second, to get to the next larger gig, you need to fill in this one first. You also need to know how many fans YOU brought to the gig. What's a better way than to tell your fans in advance about the gig on their phones? On your mobile pages they can RSVP, request or purchase tickets directly from you. You may find mobile fan club is an effective way to fill your gigs!

Third, how about making some money? Well, here's two ways you can make money that are unique to Adva Mobile. First, we advertise on your mobile internet pages and messages. We try to make those ads relevant to the fans. the more fans you have looking at your pages, the larger the revenue we make from advertising. We share that with you. Second, can you sell tickets to your gigs, music or merch? why not do it on people's phones? It's easy, immediate and fun, and you can make money out of it.

If all of it made sense to you, now is the time to join. We don't charge you or your fans anything, so there's really nothing to loose!

About this blog

We're really about artists and their fans. We'd love to sit all day and make up what you care about so we go and make it happen, but a touch with reality wouldn't hurt, right? This blog is more about listening to you than broadcasting our thoughts. Let us know what you think, would like to see, don't like etc. We'd love to hear from you!

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