Our first show (since the launch)

We are very excited about our first show since the formal launch. HearNowLive, as always, is mastering the scene with 4-top bands in the area, in the middle east club, on Saturday night.

Here are the bands, and how to join their mobile fan club:

Michael Bernier: text positive to 43863 (GETME)

McAlister Drive: text GetMD to 43863 (GETME)

Gold Star Morning: text getGold to 43863 (GETME)

4" Stud: text getStud to 43863 (GETME)

All those bands joined the portal this week, and have keywords, mobile websites with content, gigs, ticket sales and much more. Their fans can share these sites with your friends, comment etc. You can create one for yourself!

So we've created a little promo poster for them, hope it works well.

promo poster for the bands on stage on jan 10th, from Adva Mobiles mobile fan club service!

We hope to see you there, it's going to be great!!!

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