What can you do with your Mobile Fan Club?

If you are an artist, here are a number of the things you can do with your new mobile fan club:

  • Give your fans a way to text message to join the club using a keyword (as in, when fans text "McAlister" to 43863 (GETME), "McAlister" is called a keyword. try it!) and send them alerts about new gigs, content and other news.

  • Present mobile web pages (these are pages that an be viewed by mobile phones). Like your MySpace page, just optimized to mobile phones and PCs (check out our band index page).

  • Let your fans download songs, images or other content on your pages.

  • Let your fans tell their friends on Twitter, Facebook and other communities.

  • Give your fans the option to buy tickets, merchandise, music and other stuff directly from you.

  • Let your fans comment, request gigs, participate in raffles (backstage passes) etc., directly from their phone.

Of course, we have plenty more ideas what fans would like to do within this experience, and we'd love to hear from you, too.

Here's a video that shows the initial fan experience. Also check out our tutorial page for more information.

Hope to see you join soon!

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