Get your Merchandise/tickets sales money into your PayPal account

Sell tickets and merchandise on your fans mobile phones with your own mobile fan club
Many artists have been asking us where do the funds from their ticket or merchise sales end up? And more importantly, how to make those funds end up in their existing Paypal account?

After a sale has been made to a fan, on the next round hour we will contact Paypal (automatically, we don't call them =)), and tell them to transfer the funds to the artist. We do that by giving Paypal the email address we have for that artist. Until now, we used the email address you gave us when you signed up.

We've just introduced a new feature that allows you to enter your existing Paypal account email, to be used to transfer those funds, on the artist portal under Profile->Paypal Profile. This email address will only be used for the Paypal transactions; we still use your primary email address for all other communications with you.
If we don't have a Paypal email for you, we still would use your primary email address for the Paypal transactions.

Also on the profile->Paypal profile page is where you can add email addresses for an affiliate service charge (for settlement through Paypal) as well as fulfillment entity email. That's a topic for a separate post;-)

To learn more log into the artist portal on Adva Mobile.

Thanks for reading and rock the stage!

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