Check Out the New Raffles Feature!

With this exciting participatory feature artists have not only been gaining new fans joining their mobile club (fans telling their friends, your tweets etc.) but also renewed energy with their existing fans. 50% fan participation or growth in your fan base is not above the average performance we've seen in recent raffles.

Artists have mostly been setting up show tickets as the raffle prize. However, as far as prizes go, let your imagination run about what’s cool for your fans to win. You can set up several types of prizes in any one raffle, and for each type, you can raffle as many as you like.

Scheduling a raffle is a breeze: head over to the Artist Portal, and find the raffles setup page under ‘your mobile web page’ menu item. The form is straight forward. You can take advantage of another feature that allows you to enter instructions to your fans who won, for example “show this page at the will-call booth and you will get your tickets”, or, “Contact me at xyz@xyz.com to claim your prize” etc. We recommend that you then schedule a fan blast to invite your fans to participate in the raffle, when it is scheduled to begin.

When the raffle ends, we draw the prizes. We tell the fans who participated to check on the mobile website if they won. For those who won, we will present them with their prize and a unique ID, so they can claim the prize. They will also see your message for winning fans that we described earlier. Finally, we will SMS them with that information, for their records.

Raffles are a popular way to engage your fans. Be sure to take advantage of this new mobile feature as part of your marketing effort. Good luck!

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