Mobile Texting Sent Millions in Charitable Donations For Haiti - Can It Also Sell Music?

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This was the byline to a recent article in Billboard by Antony Bruno about the challenges of delivering digital content to your phone. Only two days after a 7.0 magnitude earthquake leveled the capital city of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, the American Red Cross raised $7 million via text messaging from more than 700,000 wireless customers. Donations poured in from every wireless network, including ATT, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile.

For years, analysts have been waiting for mobile commerce to take off only to see it stumble. Red Cross' relief efforts in Haiti signaled a turning point in the history of mobile commerce. "It was a major validation about the possibilities of text and mobile commerce and what we're going to see in the future," says Gartner analyst Jeff Roster. Consumers have been slowly warming to the idea of zapping money through the air for years, from mobile banking to online shopping to purchasing mobile apps themselves. In fact, some analysts say that this year will be the year of the start of a mobile commerce tidal wave. Gartner predicts mobile app revenue will hit $6.7 billion this year, up from $4.2 billion last year, and the trend will continue to almost $30 billion in 2013.

Last year, a rare Lamborghini and a $150,000 boat were sold over eBay's iPhone app. "There's no question this is the year of social media and m-commerce for retail," Roster says. In Vienna, a majority of people pay car parking fees using their mobile phones. Ten minutes before your allotted time is about to expire, you'll get a text alert-and the option to extend parking minutes. "This isn't location-based services; it's anti-location-based services,“ says Diarmuid Mallon, product marketing manager at Sybase 365 "You pay for your car parking without being near your car."

We at Adva Mobile also see a turning point this year for mobile commerce. We’ve already powered show tickets and merchandise transactions, the artist and fans feedback was very positive. Further, we are working diligently to create a mobile-optimized content sales mechanism. The key guidelines for our solution is ease of payment, secure content delivery and content formatting optimal to all mobile phones.

Forecasts suggests that 70% of US mobile subscribers are interested in using their phone to make a purchase in 2010. It’s time for you to benefit from it!

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