Adva Mobile Introduces Freemium Payment Plan

This weekend, we are making a major change to our mobile marketing service for music artists. We're moving to a “Freemium” model. Through surveys, communications with you, interviews with others in the industry, and advisors to us, you've told us that what we do is valuable and, like other marketing services, is part of the total marketing mix that helps you make money.

For the past 15 months we've been working through our initial service, adding functionality to help artists reach out to their fans on their phones. And, everything about it has been free. Today, we're taking an exciting step that will help us support the growth of Adva Mobile.. Over 700 of you have joined our service and I am pleased to announce that all of you will continue to receive all of the services that you currently use without charge. We've upgraded all of you to our Plus service. Beginning next week, for new artists who choose to upgrade to this level, they will pay $9.95 per month. It's our way of saying thank you to the pioneers of music mobile marketing -- that's you!

Our free service includes most of the features you have been using to promote your music on mobile phones, and is certainly the most comprehensive mobile marketing platform for music artists that we know of. As you grow your career and begin making money, you'll need more sophisticated marketing tools, and for that we will now charge a small fee. Also, as your fan base grows, you'll be sending out more SMS messages. You probably wonder who has been paying for all of those messages for the past 15 months, and it has been us. For some of you who are now sending out lots of messages as your fan base has grown, we now need to ask you to pay for those messages. Again, I want to emphasize that for the 700+ of you who have joined our service, you'll continue to have your existing services, including a limited number of monthly messages, all without charge.

To see the differences between the three plans we now offer -- Free, Plus, and VIP -- go to the artist portal at www.AdvaMobile.com, login, and check out Account Services.

Thanks again for using Adva Mobile, best wishes for your careers in music, and let me know what you think of this change and any other ways we can improve the service to help you create closer relations with your fans.

Jack and the Adva Mobile Team

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